Pros and Cons Inside a Movie Cinema

We all have stepped inside the magical world of the big screen and the front seats. The movie house or the cinema which we may call it is a different dimension compared to the real world. In here, you would be feeling that great quiescence that you have been wanting while basking yourself in your favorite movie.

But as a moviegoer, are you aware of the pros and cons inside? If no, you should, you must be a respectable citizen in the outside world and the cinema so you must know the pros and cons.


Tell your Phone to be Quiet!

You got to have the common sense to turn off your phone inside the cinema or if you don’t want to turn it off at least put it on silent mode. Have the decency to let everyone watch the movie in peace.

Tell yourself also to be Quiet!

While you’re at it, why don’t you silence yourself as well? Avoid narrating every fragment of the movie as it will be annoying to the other audience. Keep it to yourself!

Promote Cleanliness

Remember that the cinema is not your home, so maintain the cleanliness. Pick up trash whenever the movie is over don’t forget to pick pieces of trash, you are not only helping the environment but also the cinema staff.


No Texting

Looking down on your phone while inside the cinema is the greatest action that you will ever regret. Why? You will be missing the critical scenes and highlights of the movie. So if I were you, put it down and enjoy the movie.

Avoid Constant Movement in the Movie House

If you feel like being a child a move around the cinema, I advise you not to. You will annoy people and disrupt their mood, sit down, and enjoy the movie. Lastly, before you enter, to make sure that you already went to the bathroom.

These are the things that you must observe inside a cinema house to fully enjoy the movie and for the convenience to you and the other watchers. Be mindful of others as you are not alone inside the cinema. Happy Watching!