Movie Genres

All of us are certified movie geeks and are willing to spend some money to watch out all-time favorites be shown on a big screen. But do you know the genre you are watching? Several movie genres exist and are projected on the big screen. Some are even new to you, and you haven’t yet watched.

I have here the list of movie genres that may go up to your liking:


This is a genre that is filled with action-packed scenes. The setting which revolves to the main character fighting for someone or something but had to go through fight scenes and explosions. Adventures that will make the character carry out desperate measures against antagonists. Action is the right one for you if you hunger for thrill and daredevil stunts.


One of the movie genres that will bring amusement to the general audience is comedy. Intended to act out hilarious events or even the daily lives of ordinary people. A very versatile genre as it can be open to crossovers such as romantic-comedy or even action comedy. Made to bring joy and laughter to the audience.


This genre can be affiliated with action, but this one pack more thrill. Has a lot of plot twist that would make you think who the culprit behind the murder is. Chances you probably even got the wrong one. In general, it revolves around the story of a crime or series of crime that has been committed by the unknown suspect.


This kind of movie focuses on a life a person or events that have transpired. It can be events that happened way back during the later years or the life of a person in those later years. Bringing the viewers the happenings that transpired back then.


These are movies that defy the world of science. Bringing imaginary and mythical creatures into life and interacting with humans. Another genre that can crossover with the other genres.


If you hunger for those love scenes, then maybe this genre is the one for you. Although you can watch this alone, it is advisable to watch it with someone, so you have someone to share those tears and happy moments.

So these are some of the different genres that you can watch in a movie. Watch what you desire but its best to watch it with friends or with someone you love.