Movie Awards

Around the globe, movies are made to be enjoyed by the audience, but the joy that the movie brings is not the only award that will be reaped. These certain rewards movies are striving to have. Do you know what they are? Think of Oscars or the Emmy awards. These are one of the most prestigious awards that any movie can ever receive.

I’m about to bestow to you the 3 prestigious awards in the movie industry. Of course, every movie strives to be the best in wowing the audience and be able to receive these significant awards.

Here are the awards:

Palme D’or

This impressive award is bestowed in one of the grandest awarding ceremonies, the Cannes International Film Festival. Being attended by several notable people in the industry, this is one of the major events when it comes to awards. The Palme d’Or is honored to the director of the best-featured movie. The design of the award changes annually. There is one twist in this awarding ceremony when the movie or the director is bestowed with this award. Additional prizes are not applicable anymore.

Bafta Awards

The one responsible for this awarding ceremony is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Another excellent award that a movie can receive. The trophy or award is structured to be like a theatrical mask.


The most prominent award any actor or movie can receive. The name of the prize is the Academy award. It is made from gold and structured to be a knight holding a sword. Receivers of this award will surely be honored considering that they won this significant prize.

So these are the top 3 awards that the directors, actors, staff and even the movie has been working for. Which the most prestigious one is the academy award, made for the best of the best.