Difference between the Movie and the Book

Have you ever encountered something that you read then all of a sudden it was produced in a movie? You were thrilled and excited because you desired something like this. But after the movie, you were left with tons of questions because there were fragments in the movie that was completely different from the book you read.

There are reasons why the movie has bigger deviations or differences compared to the movie. One reason is that the author has little or none involvement at all in the produce of the movie. Yes, the book has been made by authors, but when it comes to the movie, the decisions would mainly rely on the higher up of the company handling the movie.

The director or the producer may add up something to the movie that is different from the book to spice things up. Or even literally deviate the personality of a character in the movie. The supervision would rely on the directors or the producers.

Another reason where there is a big difference is the time-frame. This is an aspect where the movie and the book dramatically differ. The maximum time allotment for a movie is 3 hours compared to the limitless book. So the director may end up cutting some scenes that will change the view of the story.

Another one is that the actors do not depict the characters right as to the expectation of the readers and even the author. So it will manifest differences.

Mainly these are the reason why there are differences in the movie compared to the book. Companies or directors have to consider conditions and rules in the movie industry. So don’t feel bummed, instead, appreciate the movie as it is.